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Harnett County History: Bicentennial Project


Green Home

The Green home has been restored by Judge and Mrs. W. A. Johnson of Lillington. It was removed from its original site by Johnson and established on a lot adjacent to the Johnson home.  

Each stone in the fireplace was numbered and placed in the exact location when it was rebuilt after the move of the house, itself. All the furnishings are authentic replicas or the actual furnishing of the original home.  

The William Green Cottage was the bridal home of William Green and the McLean girl he married. It was built around 1800-1837 and was the home of the grandfather and father of the playwright Paul Green.

The Johnsons, anxious to preserve the atmosphere and the authenticity have included in the furnishings the corn shuck brooms and the straw brooms that were part of the actual history of the home.  They have followed the custom of the day with scrubbing the floors with sand and water and corn shuck broom. 

[backside] Redford Greene House