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Harnett County History: Bicentennial Project


Smith Home - Lebanon

Lebanon was built about 1830 by John Smith for his son Farquhard Smith.  During the Civil War it was used as a Confederate Hospital after the Battle of Averasboro.  Eight sons of Farquhard Smith were members of the Confederate Army. In back of the home part of the battle took place in what was a field. 

The Smith home has been one of the best-preserved homes in the county and is still occupied by the direct descendent of the builder.  One of the more revealing letters was written by the only daughter of Farquhard Smith who described the battle in detail to a friend, and the misery and suffering left behind the Yankees as they marched northward.  Also connected with the area is the story of the Gypsy Pine and how it came through the battle without being scarred while all the others around it were blown or cut down with bullets.