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Harnett County History: Bicentennial Project


Red Hand John Byrd Home/Old Dave Godfrey House

The log portion of this home was built at least 200 years ago, according to the residents. The interior walls are hewn so that they are smooth, like board panels. They rest on logs lying on the ground as a foundation. This portion of the residence is supposedly the home of Red Hand John Byrd.  

The second portion or board portion of the home was built around the 1890's and is occupied by two elderly sisters.  

This portion of the home is said to be the old Dave Godfrey Home and portions of it are from the original boards of the old Barbecue Church. The door is of the wide heart pine with original lock. The key has been misplaced.  The board-paneled walls of the room shown had a very dim date of 189(?) on the wall.  They were also boards of heart pine rich in grain and texture.  

[backside] Red Hand John Byrd Home

[backside] Door Red Hand John Home

[backside] Walls of Red Hand John Byrd Home thought to have been part of Barbecue Church Bldg

[backside] Red Hand John Byrd House