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Harnett County History: Bicentennial Project


McCormick Home

There are hash marks on the sills of this old home, built in the 1840's which indicate its construction.  The slash or hash marks were made as the sills were being cut from logs that run the length of the building.  

Of interest is the small slats upon which the plastering was put from the inside. The slats were nailed in place, and the openings left for bonding and holding the plastering.  The undercoat was made of sand, lime and hog hair mixed. The last coat was of white lime and adhered to the first coat giving a smooth finish. Several days were required for the damp plastering to dry and the water to evaporate.

It looked as if the nails of hand wrought iron were used through the building, which was in too bad repair to photograph inside. 

The chimney has been torn down since it was photographed.