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Northstar Digital Literacy Assessments

The Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment ( is aimed at helping adults acquire the skills they need in today’s workplace. The free set of assessments includes self-guided modules: Essential Computer Skills (Basic Computer Skills, Internet Basics, Using Email, Windows, Mac OS), Essential Software Skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and Using Technology in Daily Life (Social Media, Information Literacy, and Creative Job Search). Closed-captioning is available and screen readers are supported.


Getting Started

Get started with Northstar by requesting your free Northstar Learner Account. Requests will be processed within 3 business days.


Scheduling a Proctored Assessment

Interested in taking a proctored Northstar assessment? Proctored assessments are free and allow you to earn certificates that can be used on resumes and job applications.

You can take each skill set assessment only once during a scheduled proctored session. If you score 85% or better, you will be awarded the NDLA Certificate. The number of certificates you earn during the one-hour session will depend on the pace at which you complete each assessment and achieve a score of 85% or better on each assessment.

Available Assessments

Essential Computer Skills:

  • Basic Computer Skills (Practice Lessons also available)
  • Internet Basics (Practice Lessons also available)
  • Using Email (Practice Lessons also available)
  • Windows (Practice Lessons also available)
  • Mac OS

Essential Software Skills:

  • Microsoft Word (Practice Lessons also available)
  • Microsoft Excel (Practice Lessons also available)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (Practice Lessons also available)
  • Google Docs (Practice Lessons also available)

Using Technology in Daily Life

  • Social Media (Practice Lessons also available)
  • Information Literacy
  • Supporting K-12 Distance Learning
  • Career Search Skills (Practice Lessons also available)
  • Your Digital Footprint
  • Accessing Telehealth Appointments