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Local Genealogy Research Guide: Family Histories

Family Histories

Family Histories

Some of our local genealogy enthusiasts have traced their family's history and given us a copy of their work. This information is in the process of being digitized and is available below.

Genealogical Research Material from Argyll, Scotland

Cemetery Information

Pictures, names, and dates from local cemeteries (that were previously  listed in our database) are now hosted at Cemetery Census . 

Buie Family

Sion Harrington Family


Local Periodicals

Our State - formerly known as The State - is now available online! Through the NC State Library, volumes 1 - 79 are available to view for free digitally. All issues are available from 1933 to 2011 here. The Harnett County Public Library keeps print copies of Our State from 2011 to the present.

The North Carolina Historical Review is still on our shelves from 1968 - present. Previous issues from 1924 - 1967 are available through the state library as well: here.

NCLA - The North Carolina Library Association - has made their journals available online. 1942 - 2013 are available through their digital archive.

Wildlife in North Carolina magazine is also available through NC Digital Collections! Their digital archive contains full issues from Vol. 1 No. 1 in 1937 through Vol. 67 No. 12 in 2003. There are a couple missing issues (2002, issue #10; 2001 issue # 2, and 1999 issues #6 and #7) which we will still have in the library. We also still have physical copies of 2004 - present.


Much of the microfilm Harnett County Public Library had in its collection has been digitized or is available through the State Library.

The Harnett County News (1919 - 2013) is available on the main page of the HCPL Local History site.

The Dunn Daily Record is available online for subscribers from 2009 - present. Older copies of the paper are available at the Daily Record's office in Dunn.

Genealogy microfilm - census information, county records, and more - are available at the State Library in Raleigh. Please see their lists of what they have available to view at this link and in the document below. The Harnett County Library also has a subscription to which has digitized records of the 1790 - 1940 census records. Follow this link to search or browse census records.

Biographical Sketches of Harnett County

"Some of the following sketches are from Volume III of the set of books North Carolina: Rebuilding and Ancient Commonwealth published in 1928 by the American Historical Society, Inc. Chicago and New York. There will be an asterisk after the name (*).

Some of them have been taken from History of North Carolina: North Carolina Biography vols. 5 & 6, Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co., 1919. There will be 2 asterisks (**) after the name.

Other sketches have been written by individuals about family members."

Year Books

We have local yearbooks available for use in the library.

Aberdeen High School: 1966

Anderson Creek High School: 1969, 1972

*Angier High School: 1959, 1960

Broadway High School: 1966, 1968, 1969

Dunn High School: 1966, 1968, 1969

Erwin High School: 1983, 1985

Harnett Central High School: 1978, 1995-1997, 2002-2004

LaFayette High School: 1975, 1977

*Lillington High School: 1948-1957, 1959-1974, 1976, 1977

Midway High School: 2002

Sandshills Community College: 1976

Union Pines High School: 1965


*Starred yearbooks are available through Digital NC to view online.

Campbell University's Pine Burr is also available through Digital NC.

Chapel's Hill's Hellenian and Yackety Yack yearbooks are also available digitally.