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Homeschool Resource Guide: Homeschool Groups & Co-Ops

Harnett County Facebook Groups

Harnett County Homeschoolers of North Carolina

Homeschooling in the Western Harnett County Groups

Join the Facebook groups above to connect with local homeschooling families, share resources, and ideas. 

Local Homeschool Groups

The Cape Fear Shiners

The Cape Fear Shiners are a  homeschool support and social group based in Harnett County, North Carolina.

Do you homeschool or are you considering it? Looking for social activities and field trips? Want to build a stronger connection to the homeschooling and local community? Need support from other parents facing similar challenges? Want information about different ways to homeschool, getting started, how to fulfill the requirements of state law, standardized testing, co-ops, and curriculum choices? Have questions about homeschooling in high school or writing transcripts?

Then join the Cape Fear Shiners community! They are inclusive and open to all families, regardless of homeschooling style or religious affiliation.

The Cape Fear Shiners meets most Mondays at 2pm at the Harnett County Library in Lillington. Please check the Cape Fear Shiner's Facebook page for updates and possible meeting changes.


Psalm 127 Co-Op

Psalm 127 Home-school Christian Co-op meets every Tuesday from 1:00 - 3:30. They offer affordable classes from birth through 12th grade. Their school year is divided into two semesters of sixteen weeks each and the co-op day is divided into two periods.

Psalm 127 Co-Op is a cooperative. They bring their talents and gifts to share with others and bring their talents and gifts to bless your family. They do require a parent or guardian to teach 1 period. The co-op will compensate you for any supplies you need, including curriculum for teaching. They have a Chat room for you to have a break during the period you are not teaching. 

For safety, you must remain on campus.  Each family helps in some way and all family members participate in a low-cost cooperative manner.  

We also offer a variety of children's activities. From field trips to science fairs to book clubs.  You must be a part of the co-op to participate. For more information on cost and classes click the link above and visit the website. 


More groups & co-ops coming soon!

Need a place to meet?

If your homeschool group needs a place to meet, consider our library meeting room! Along with comfortably seating 30 people, patrons who book the meeting room have access to great technological features including:

  • Library Laptops
  • Smart Board
  • Projector

Ready to book? Click Here