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Homeschool Resource Guide: Homework Help

Homework Helper Cart

This year we unveiled our Homework Helper Cart to aid youth with their homework while in the library. The cart is loaded with school supplies such as pens, markers, pencils, crayons, paper, rulers, scissors, and glue. 

Check out the cart at the front desk by filling out the sign-in sheet located on the side of the cart, and simply roll it to your table and return it to the desk when you are done.



NC LIVE is North Carolina's very own digital reference library. With its digital content, users can log on and discover access to databases and articles ranging from education, business, and health, to careers, history, and genealogy. Users will also find access to e-books, audiobooks, tools for learning languages, and newspapers such as The New York Times. 

The best part? It is all FREE using your library card! 

Log in using your library card number as your username and your pin number, which is the last four digits of your telephone number. 

Other Homework Resources

Offers personalized learning for all ages that allows users to work at their own pace. Includes tutorials, practice exercises, and instructional videos on a broad range of educational subjects covering elementary school through college

Provides parents with resources to teach reading and literacy. Topics include reading basic, a reading course, and focus on writing. Parents can also find the latest research on reading and help for struggling readers


Online-learning resource that teaches 70+ world languages that breaks languages down into more understandable pieces and then builds the language back up as understanding increases. Focuses on essential and necessary dialog and utilizes native speakers to teach users pronunciation. Includes app that allows on-the-go training.